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Are the results of your online marketing campaigns going up and down faster than the wildest attraction? Let the experts at RED Online Marketing help you. Our team of specialists has already been through everything and will look for stable growth together with you. RED Online Marketing is the party that helps your company get more visitors to your amusement park, museum or zoo. Whether these are visitors from the Netherlands, France or Belgium, we are ready to help you.

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260% higher CTR in Display campaigns through the use of WeatherAds

Frequently asked questions about attraction marketing

  • What is different from other types of marketing?

    Where in other forms of marketing the orientation period is long (an average of 42 days from research by Google), this is a lot shorter for theme parks. Theme parks are all about awareness and being top-of-mind at the right time. This is a major challenge online, also for the measurability of impact. Online inspiration and offline buying is also something that is common in this market. between booking and traveling.

  • Which channels fit well with attraction marketing?

    Channels such as video advertising, YouTube and social media play an important role in this. With this you can reach many people and convey your unique experience. Good website conversion, personalization, findability and e-mail marketing is especially important in the BOOK phase.

  • Do you also work for other companies?

    Sure. Every day attraction, location or amusement park is unique and has its own challenges. We work for everyone to get to know all the challenges. This way we can guarantee our specialism in travel & leisure.

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Achieve your goals by making effective use of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

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Reach the right audience at the right time with social media ads

Increase the conversion on your website with expert feedback and A / B testing


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Content creation from Dutch to Flemish, German, English or French

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Our head office is located on the Catharijnesingel in Utrecht. Here we work with the campaign team, contentteam and our strategists.

We have a team in Germany🇩🇪 and France🇫🇷 .

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