Online Marketer

Twan Boers

Employed at RED since

May 2019

What do you do at RED?

Online marketer and project leader

Describe yourself

Twan, nice to meet you! Born and raised in Kesteren, de Betuwe and working at RED Online Marketing since May 2019. The combination: travelling, commercial economy and the innovative corporate culture appealed to me very much.

Friends and colleagues generally describe me as sociable, helpful and creative. I am not easily satisfied with the most obvious solution; my strength lies in thinking ahead. My passion therefore also lies in innovating business processes and online strategies.

In my spare time you can find me in a park, on the terrace or in the gym. In addition, I am very susceptible to fun new music; you can suggest me any genre!

Your favorite holiday country


What triggers you about Online Marketing?

The dynamic environment, innovative growth and strategic solutions