Team Leader campaign, online marketer

Tijmen Pars

Employed at RED since

February 2017

What do you do at RED?

I am responsible for the performance of the campaign team. We deal with online issues of our customers. This is regularly based on obtaining bookings for recreation in the Netherlands and travel abroad, but also on ticket sales for day attractions and putting destinations in the spotlight. See also the markets that RED Online Marketing serves. We take responsibility for the result and use project management skills to help customers. In the implementation we use channels such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Youtube, DV360 and more. To stay connected, I sometimes work in campaigns and manage multiple customers.

Describe yourself

Born and raised in Utrecht and therefore also working there. Before I started working at RED Online Marketing, I was starting out in online marketing, at MKB Clickservice. I quickly grew into a team lead there, but I felt the need to work with larger customers and go further in depth. I have now been working in the online marketing world for 6 years and I am not done with that yet.

What really appealed to me about RED Online Marketing was (and still is) the industries we work for. The fact that you help the consumer and entrepreneur to make holidays take place gives me a good feeling. I am regularly stimulated by advertisements that my colleagues and I put live. Visiting customers has never been so much fun. I was once on Curaçao and cities like Maastricht and Westende are no longer unknown to me.

Where is your passion?

My passion lies mainly in being able to help both customer and employee. I get a lot of energy in offering “help”. For example, I like to give presentations and then see happy entrepreneurs or marketers. Especially if there are questions I can answer. I also get a boost from training new marketers (internally or externally) and from sparring with more experienced marketers and entrepreneurs. I also love practicing and watching sports, especially football and strength training, and I regularly play table tennis with my colleagues. Add to this a series in the evening and/or the weekend with my girlfriend on the couch and it is almost complete. Festivals and night outs complete the story.

Your favorite holiday country


What do you like most about working in the travel and recreation industry?

The best part is working with a product/service that I really enjoy myself. Who wouldn’t want to go on vacation. I get a lot of inspiration from our customers and the bucket list is constantly being supplemented.

If you also see that the work that is done leads to results and therefore often to happy holidaymakers, then the story is complete!