Team Leader content, online marketer

Lotte Konietzny

Employed at RED since

Summer in 2015

What do you do at RED?

In addition to operational management, I am also active in our content team. Here I am involved in SEO, among other things, this often focuses on the German market (because of my German background)

Describe yourself

I was born and raised in beautiful Utrecht. My parents are both from Germany. In addition to the bilingual upbringing, German culture was also brought up with a spoon. I have been active at RED for almost 6 years now. Started as a sea specialist and now mainly focused on content activities.

In my spare time I like to travel with my partner and the whole family. Vacation is an important part of everyone’s life. It is a moment of being together, relaxing, discovering new things. How nice is it to combine this passion with work. You are doing something positive every day.

I always find it a challenge to bind the offer of our customers to the right target group.