Conversion Specialist

Jaimy van Eenennaam

Employed at RED since

March 2019

What do you do at RED?

I am mainly involved in optimizing websites. I look at websites with a sharp eye and I suggest optimization points, so that our customers get more bookings, newsletter subscriptions or other conversions.

Describe yourself

I was born in the beautiful flower village of Aalsmeer. I followed the Tourism Management course and this is where I liked Marketing the most! After my studies I really wanted to work in marketing in the tourism industry. RED Online Marketing therefore suits me very well. I have been working at RED Online Marketing since March 2019. I then started a traineeship program and successfully completed it, after which I became a permanent employee.

Coordinating projects and helping the customer grow together with a team, that makes me happy! I have been playing football since I was 6 years old and I still enjoy it. Here I am in midfield where keeping an overview and game distribution are also one of my strongest points. This is also reflected in my working method at work 😉 Driven, ambitious and perseverance describe me well. In my spare time I like going to festivals, having a drink and traveling far.

Your favorite holiday country

Costa Rica

What do you like most about working in the travel and recreation industry?

That you can make other people happy with the most beautiful moment(s) of the year: VACATION