Online Marketer

André Hellmeister

Employed at RED since


What do you do at RED?

At Red I do campaigns for destinations, tour operators, luxury hotels, holiday parks, and amusement parks, aimed at guests from the DACH markets and English-speaking markets.

Describe yourself

Raised in charming Gau-Algesheim in a wine region in southwestern Germany, I came to the Netherlands (Breda) in 2013 to study tourism. Also, I already studied abroad and I didn’t miss a chance to study abroad again. At the end of my studies I had only been in the Netherlands for 2 of the 4 years. I spent six months on the beach in Antalya, Turkey, six months in the capital Yangon, Myanmar, and spent a year studying in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

My passions lie in outdoor sports, especially the sports where you ride sideways (snowboarding and skating). In 2020 we rediscovered hiking and crossed the Alps from Munich to Venedig. My colleagues would describe me as a no-nonsense, goal-oriented working bee, who also takes a good look at the work-life balance.

Your favorite holiday country?


What triggers you about Online Marketing?

I like my work in Online Marketing because it is a good mix of analytical work with fixed KPIs and the creativity that is required for challenges, because where is the fun if you always know in the beginning how & that it will work?

The fact that I can do this in the travel & recreation sector, with great products and pleasant people, makes it 20 times more fun.