€ 56,000 more sales through smarter and automated email marketing

We often still come across that email marketing is underestimated. Yet it is one of the best converting online marketing channels. 72% of marketing companies in the Netherlands also believe that email has become more important since the corona crisis. How can you benefit from this without having to spend a lot of time on manual emails? Easy. Automated email marketing or email marketing automation. 😉

We don’t believe in a 1-size-fits-all approach. We do believe in an automated, but specific approach per company. Every company is different, so email marketing works just a little bit differently for every company. This is also the case for the Ruwinkel estate. 

Approach in 5 steps

Through a combination of automated campaigns and human touch. Automate what can be automated, but don’t forget what is important to guests. The Five Stages of Travel model helps us to think about automating the customer journey with new cool campaigns.

1. Lead campaigns from Facebook

The target group of the  Ruwinkel estate is very active on Facebook. Using the scarcity principle of Cialdini, we have obtained more than 1,500 new e-mail addresses for € 0.35 per lead. All from people who did not want to miss out on the discounts and promotions of the Ruwinkel estate.

Ruwinkel estate

2. Welcome campaign including segmentation

After “registering” to receive short promotions, the lead will see a welcome campaign. A series of 4 emails in which we welcome that person, tell more about the park, use segmentation and send the offer from the Ruwinkel estate in the last email. This campaign even has a conversion rate to bookings of 0.70%, fully automated.

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3. Reactivation campaign

Have readers been inactive for a while? Don’t worry, that happens every channel. We have created a reactivation campaign with the Ruwinkel estate, in which we encourage people to keep reading the newsletter.

4. Monthly newsletters

The Ruwinkel estate sends out mailings at least once a month. In these mailings, inspiration is given about the future holiday period, promotions and discounts are highlighted and news is shared. TIP: with a smart content calendar you can already think up many themes during a year. This way you can easily pick up on the different holiday periods such as Easter and important moments such as Valentine’s Day.

5. Exit Book Street campaign

Recently we added the “abandon book street” campaign to the pallet of mailings. This e-mail campaign sends out an e-mail after someone has left the booking process. Read below how we use this type of collaboration with Stratech and Holiday Media.

You often get inspired on a site, but you talk later with friends or family. In order to stay top-of-mind, we send out the deserted book street campaign. And with success… this campaign has a conversion rate to bookings of 12.5%

6. Pre-fun and feedback campaigns

Of course, a pre-fun mailing will also be sent for someone staying at the park. Feedback is also requested afterwards. The Ruwinkel estate itself does this in a very special way (we will not reveal anything 🤐). As a result, the park has an 8.8 on Zoover (consult 10 February 2021) and 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google.

Results 🚀

  • € 56,000 more revenue from email marketing in 1 year
  • 6% better conversion rate
  • 84% more bookings and total increase of online bookings of 15%
  • 66% more sessions and total increase of online sessions of 37%

Collaboration with the Ruwinkel estate

Together with the Ruwinkel estate, we always look carefully at what works and what does not work in terms of online marketing. Of course taking into account the guests and what these guests would like to see and read. The Ruwinkel estate is a holiday park in Scherpenzeel in Gelderland, The Netherlands.

Since their departure from the Landal GreenParks group, the holiday park has grown significantly in turnover every year, partly due to our curiosity and to always wanting to go a step further. We previously had success with the use of Smart Display campaigns, implementation of call tracking and we helped the holiday park grow in turnover and occupancy.

Partnerships with Stratech and Holiday Media

We developed various automated campaigns together with Stratech and Holiday Media. A triangle that works smoothly together, but where the customer retains 1 point of contact. We spoke to the customer and together with Stratech and Holiday Media developed, among other things, the deserted book street campaign, based on everyone’s expertise.

“Our agreement with Landal expired and the question was whether we would again step into a chain and be one of the many again, or whether we would work the market on the basis of our own identity and strength. We have opted for the latter: after thoroughly thinking about where we came from, who we are and where we are going, we set up the collaboration with RED. By consulting regularly, we know where we stand and what each person’s action points are. We are more than satisfied with the services provided by Roy, Corné and colleagues. “

Henri van den Heuvel, CEO of Ruwinkel estate

Purpose of the cooperation
Leads 30%
Traffic 40%
Leads 90%
Turnover 100%
More about the Ruwinkel estate

Surrounded by nature in the geographic heart of the Netherlands, the beautifully maintained Ruwinkel estate with 87 detached holiday homes, 30 chalets and 3 country houses is the ideal base for fantastic walks, bike rides and fun day trips in the Gelderland valley, on the border of Gelderland and Utrecht. The Grebbelinie (national monument since 2011), the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park and the Veluwe National Park are in the immediate vicinity.

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