9.5 million people reached with the Welcome Back to the Netherlands campaign

How can we create more awareness of tourism and recreation opportunities in the Netherlands? This was the challenge that 12 initiators took up voluntarily and selflessly when the corona crisis started in March 2020. In this way, the group wanted to support the hard-hit industry.

The challenge was to cause a movement to allow the Dutch to discover their own country with days out and accommodation. The campaign has been able to reach a huge number of Dutch people through the efforts of 12 initiators and 103 ambassadors. Roy Platje was one of the initiators. RED has been able to contribute to this campaign by deploying a Social campaign. You can read below what the concrete approach of the campaign was.

Initial situation and objective

The corona crisis was also particularly difficult for the tourism industry. Destinations in lock-down, growing number of occupied IC beds and, above all, the uncertainty among travelers. This all caused the traveling to come to a halt. But why not travel close by? Just like in the past, close by on holiday, in your own country. With the campaign we wanted to encourage the Dutch to discover their own country right now. The campaign was conducted via a video on social media.

Target audience and strategy

The video of the campaign was mainly aimed at 20 to 45 year old residents of the Netherlands with an interest in adventure, outdoor and travel. Using the network in the tourism industry could generate a huge reach for the campaign. An ads campaign has been set up to distribute the video. In addition, an instagram page has been set up called @ Welkomterugin.nl.

In addition, 50 leading influencers and travel bloggers gave a huge boost to the campaign on June 3. They did this by sharing a photo on social media of their favorite spot in the Netherlands and sharing it with the hashtag #WelkomteruginNL.

Results and evaluation

Very successful! You can say that the network that came together to start this campaign is invaluable.

The aim of the campaign was to reach as many people as possible with the campaign. That worked out well. As it were, a chain reaction has arisen that we had hoped for.

The campaign went on even longer than planned. There was a lot of positive response and requests for collaborations from the tourism and recreation sector. Two weekends were organized which 50 ambassadors went out in Drenthe, Overijssel, North Holland, Brabant, Zeeland, Het Gooi and the Veluwe. This also yielded wonderful content for the social media channels.

Target of the campaign
Branding 100%
Traffic 50%