250% revenue growth through feed-based SEA campaigns

Tjingo is an online travel agency that was founded in 2005 under the name Holiday Card and has continued under its current name since 2009. At Tjingo you book the same trip for the same price as with the tour operator, but on top of that, Tjingo gives an extra discount.

Tjingo’s focus is on flight holidays around the Mediterranean, such as Spain, Greece and Turkey.

The challenge for Tjingo

Since 2009, both parties have been linked through search engine marketing through Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. The aim is to increase the number of sales through performance and search engine marketing.

Our contribution

  • Setup and management of Google AdWords campaigns
  • Setup and management of Bing Ads campaigns
  • Support of dynamic campaigns through adCore


Together with Tjingo we achieved a fantastic result with search engine marketing. Since the start of the collaboration, the Google AdWords campaign has grown by 250% in turnover. The crux behind this result was the use of dynamic campaigns via adCore and the tight monitoring of tests and optimizations.

“At Tjingo, we have been working satisfactorily with RED for years on the basis of performance marketing. RED is a pro-active, results-oriented agency and has helped us take good steps with SEM. The result: 250% growth.”

Adriaan Boot – Traffic Manager Tjingo / Zoover